In 2010, Philip Schaus was responsible for Siemens IT procurement in Canada. Otto Rathke worked in IT, managing hardware standards; and, Chris Campbell ran the staging lab which prepared and serviced Siemens’ computers. Philip, Otto and Chris frequently discussed PCs. They were well aware that Siemens demanded high performance from their laptops and desktops, and consequently replaced them about every 3 years. During one of these discussions Otto mentioned that he had been asked by someone whether it was possible to donate an old laptop. He sadly had to respond that no such process existed. Philip and Chris concurred, as they both had fielded similar requests for donations. At that time, Siemens paid a scrap dealer to dispose of their old hardware. The three of them decided to investigate why such donations were forbidden, and to explore whether there was any possibility that a process could be developed to permit donations. During weekly conference calls they created an action list and exchanged updates. Step by step they built a process which addressed all of the requirements to restore Siemens’ old PCs to a condition which was suitable for donation. With management’s blessing the first PC Donation Workshop was held on December 5, 2010.

The mission of Corporations For Community Connections (CFCC) is to refurbish discarded corporate PCs, for donation to charitable organizations that are committed to providing equal access to technology. CFCC gives new life to old computers, by loading licensed software, testing and cleaning the PCs in volunteer workshops. CFCC supports the United Nations Millennium Development Goals by partnering to provide underprivileged people with access to information technology.