News Archive: CFCC Hits Landmark 1000th Laptop

Corporations for Community Connections, Inc. (CFCC) – a registered charity whose purpose is to refurbish decommissioned corporate computers for donation – have worked to “turn trash into treasure” by refurbishing nearly 1,000 computers.  These donations from Siemens Canada Limited, Atos, and Xerox Canada, have benefited 28 charitable organizations, serving over 7,000 people across Canada.

Inspired by discussions between three Siemens employees (CFCC founders Philip Schaus, Otto Rathke, and Chris Campbell) about the wasteful disposal processes in most corporations (for what is typically three-year-old corporate hardware), creative problem solving and social responsibility have been at the heart of CFCC’s mission since day one.

With personal computer accessibility being critical to interaction, and meeting the demands of our rapidly evolving world – essential to: schools, workplaces, and elsewhere – the detrimental effect of this lack of access only grows more staggering.  Those who must focus on immediate needs, give a diminished priority to computers, and therefore fall further behind in an increasingly connected world