News Archive: Siemens Canada Donates 3000th Laptop

Siemens Canada has donated 3,000 laptops, since partnering with Corporations For Community Connections (CFCC) in 2010. These computers are changing the lives of over 40,000 people, closing the technology gap, and opening opportunities.


Digitalization has made access to a computer, and access to the Internet, a basic human right recognized by the United Nations. Yet, half the world remains disconnected from the world wide web. The decommissioned laptops are refurbished in workshops conducted by CFCC, such as the one at Siemens Canada headquarters in Oakville, this weekend. These computers will support education in First Nations Schools, assist homeless mothers, inspire disadvantaged children and open the digital world to rural students in The Philippines. Selling computers at fair market value does nothing to close the world's technology gap.