March 7, 2020 - CFCC volunteers and VIA

March 7, 2020 - CFCC volunteers and VIA Rail staff form a chain to load 38 boxes of laptops and SMART boards onto Train 75

Expanding impact

To expand CFCC’s impact, CFCC partnered with Siemens Canada and Via Rail to collect laptops from Siemens offices across Ontario and Quebec, then donate them to Salvation Army and United Way Centraide.

The campaign kicked off on March 6, a few days before the novel coronavirus reached pandemic proportions. Siemens Canada’s Oakville employees refurbished 232 retired laptops, which Philip took aboard with him on Via Rail and distributed to United Way Windsor-Essex County, and Salvation Army’s Centre of Hope in London. SMART Technologies added 50 new SMART boards to the grand tour. He continued on to Kingston, Ontario a few days later.

Philip said, “It was a beautiful sight to see all of our corporate partners, and all of our volunteers, work together with such fierce determination to deliver this precious technology to people struggling with the burdens of the pandemic.”

SIEMENS HOPE FOR HOLIDAYS 2019 - About 3 o’clock on Saturday afternoon a loud cheer came from the packing room announcing that Box #50 was sealed. Three hundred laptops had been successfully refurbished by more than 50 volunteers during our 2 day workshop. The United Way distributed the laptops to 37 charities across Hamilton and Halton.

Siemens Canada and CFCC Team Up With World Vision To Put Computers in the Kintampo Information Computer Technology Centre in Jema, Ghana.

July 19, 2019

Siemens Canada generously donated 100 laptops to give 1500 students in rural Ghana their first opportunity to put their hands on a computer. Over 40 Siemens employees and their children volunteered to refurbish the laptops in a workshop conducted by CFCC.

World Vision will deliver the laptops to the Kintampo Information Technology Centre. Ghana has gained global attention for their resolve to enter into and excel in the Digital World. 

CFCC and Siemens Partner With HIP for First Nations Schools

April 05, 2019

First Nations schools receive substantially less funding than other public schools. Often First Nations schools lack the resources to prepare students to compete for careers in technology. CFCC and Siemens, through their continuing partnership with HIP (Honoring Indigenous Peoples), are helping to level the playing field by donating refurbished corporate laptops.

In a 2-day workshop, held last April 5th and 6th, 78 volunteers successfully refurbished 206 laptops. These laptops were inspected, re-imaged with software, then cleaned and tested. CFCC's global award winning process turns such e-waste into a valuable resource for educational and vocational opportunities.

Since 2010, Siemens has donated over 3000 laptops, diverting them from landfills, while changing the lives of thousands of people across Canada, as well as in Nepal, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. 

Siemens Canada Donates 3000th Laptop

December 09, 2018

Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Siemens Canada has donated 3,000 laptops, since partnering with Corporations For Community Connections (CFCC) in 2010.

CFCC Partners with WE

September 13, 2018

Siemens is donating 200 decommissioned employee laptops to CCFC that will ultimately be distributed to under-served communities by WE, a family of organizations that makes doing good, doable

One Person's Trash is Another Person's Treasure (Article from Future Makers)

August 03, 2018

On August 3rd, Future Makers published an article about the impact of CFCC!

Connecting the World: Your Old Laptop Reaches New Heights

CFCC has taken further steps in creating a more connected tomorrow, with our recent initiative in Nepal by providing assistance to two Canadian physicians seeking to help Nepal rebuild. 

CFCC Helps First "Connected" School in Nepal

At that moment, Shree Chheskam becomes Nepal’s first connected public school. Within days, 400 students begin classes in English and computer technology, in the shadow of Mount Everest.

CFCC Supports Canadian Students

In November 2015, Corporations for Community Connections (CFCC) in partnership with Siemens Canada, a leading Canadian technology company, provided 140 refurbished laptops to the Halton District School Board. All donated laptops were prepared and tested during CFCC workshop, primarily staffed by Siemens volunteers at the end of November 2015.

Supporting Schools at Home and Abroad

To celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary Year, CFCC refurbishes and donates 300 computers to schools in Canada, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Volunteer Workshop and Donation in Montreal

To celebrate the 2016 holiday season, CFCC’s organized the largest volunteer workshop to date to give a second life to more than 480 decommissioned computers. More than 130 volunteers from Siemens Canada and CFCC contributed their time and efforts in one of Siemens’ offices located in St. Laurent, QC. 

Donation of 200 Laptops for Calgary’s Syrian Refugees

In June 2016, CFCC prepared 230 Siemens Canada’s decommissioned laptops for a donation in support of Calgary’s newest residents. CFCC volunteers, Siemens employees and Syrian families volunteered at a workshop to complete the refurbishment of the computers, which were distributed by the Centre for Newcomers and Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association.

CFCC Hits Landmark 1000th Laptop

Corporations for Community Connections, Inc. (CFCC) – a registered charity whose purpose is to refurbish decommissioned corporate computers for donation – have worked to “turn trash into treasure” by refurbishing nearly 1,000 computers.  These donations from Siemens Canada Limited, Atos, and Xerox Canada, have benefited 28 charitable organizations, serving over 7,000 people across Canada. 

Siemens Canada Donates Laptops

In August 2014, Siemens Canada Limited has donated nearly 300 laptops to Corporations for Community Connections for refurbishment. The laptops were refurbished by CFCC’s and Siemens’ volunteers during the two-day long workshops. All laptops gained their second life to be further donated to The Salvation Army in three different communities. 

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