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B2S - Business to Society

So what does the future hold for CFCC? “My dream is that there is a revolution,” says Philip Schaus, President and CEO of CFCC. “My dream is that major corporations begin to widely embrace the idea that they are responsible for more than just profit. Their responsibilities extend to the environment, to education, to the advancement of technology, and to social development. Simply selling electricity, or selling computers, at fair market value does nothing to advance electrification, or connect the world to The Internet. Today, 8% of the world's population has no electricity, and 43% have no connection to our digital world. These people will only achieve their potential by gifting to them these most basic of tools."

In Strategy+Business, Siemens CEO Joe Kaesar said that Siemens is "a business that contributes to society’s development in the world, through becoming carbon neutral by 2025; or saving lives; or providing people with reliable, safe power; or giving people a more livable life in cities."

This year, approximately 2 billion laptops and smart phones will be replaced. Some will be resold, many will be scrapped. Every year, 43 million tons of electronic waste is produced globally, equivalent to 800 laptops per second.

CFCC has developed an unparalleled process for refurbishing decommissioned corporate laptops. Corporations partnering with CFCC engage their employees to re-purpose their old computers for social development, education and to preserve the environment. As acceptance of the B2S strategy grows in the corporate world, CFCC must be ready to support this growth, with a replicable, scale-able and sustainable organization.

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