Quebec Donation

Last week Mr. Valeri Nabi (from Salvation Army) and his supervisor arrived at our Adult Education Centre with 20 laptops for our students.  We cannot fully express how we felt that day as our needy students received their laptops.  Many of them were not informed until that day what was going on. Many of our students were speechless and some didn't even realize that the computer they received was theirs to keep. Even though they were told the laptops were for them they were really too astonished to take it all in.  Some came up to me afterwards and said they wanted to know how much they would have pay (and were worried because they couldn't afford it) and others thought they were only to be used until school was over and they would have to give them back.  After all, when has anyone ever heard of getting a laptop for free?

Three of the laptops went to students who will be attending college next year and they were relieved that they could go prepared. Five of the laptops are going to students who are or who will be pursuing DEPs in secretarial, plumbing, and accounting.  Others went to students who are still completing their high school diplomas.  The last laptop was picked up today - I must confess I used it as a carrot for him to pass his math exam (I've never seen him work so hard before) which he did with a 78%.  He was an at-risk student and if he didn't pass this exam would not be permitted to return next year.  

When I ask them how they like them, they all smile and say that life is now easier as everything is on the internet.  Every student has a story and we as a staff cannot thank you enough for your generosity in helping to give these students opportunities for their future.  Poverty is prevalent in our area and thank you answering my call to "computer access is a must" for all students.  Every one of the students couldn't thank us enough which made this day even more special.


I never thought my request in February would be so quickly heard and reacted to and never did I expect to receive 20 laptops.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible and I hope we may benefit from your program in the future as every year we get new students and this technology problem never goes away.  


Sincerely yours, 

Kathleen Hackett

Donation of 150 Computers to Pikangikum

On April 24th and 25th 2015, CFCC volunteers participated in workshops at Siemens Canada HQ in Oakville, ON, preparing computers for donation to the “fly in” First Nations community of Pikangikum. In this neglected northwestern Ontario community, the PCs provided Eenchokay Birchstick School’s students with one of the 21st century’s most significant commodities – access to information – and equip them with the tools they need to make their voices heard throughout our increasingly interconnected world.

CFCC’s donation was a critical step forward for Pikangikum’s young people, who have in the past several months been covered by a number of national Canadian news media outlets in light of the challenging conditions they braved during Ontario’s bitterly cold, record-setting winter. In addition to donating 150 decommissioned corporate computers, CFCC volunteers will also be sending other much-needed goods to Pikangikum, including LED lights (to relieve the burden incandescent bulbs place on infrastructure [courtesy of Osram Sylvania]) and surge protectors (to protect the PCs from Pikangikum’s uneven power supply), all of which will be packed in winter hats, gloves, coats, scarves, and other apparel so as to maximize the impact of shipping expenses.

“Our world and its future demands connectivity,” states Philip Schaus, President and CEO of CFCC. “What CFCC does is good for both communities and corporations. Communities like Pikangikum benefit through the promotion of computer literacy, access to internet resources, and environmental benefits. Additionally, participating corporations can engage their employees in a socially responsible program which is self funded by the associated tax benefits.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters Donation

Dear Friends, 

On behalf of Big Brothers Big Sister of Halton and the families we serve, we would like to thank you very much for your donation of five (5) refurbished laptops which we passed along to five lucky families. It seem there is an expectation of computer-produced work even for our youngest students and you have made that possible for many families that could begin to provide that for their children. 

Over the last few years we have been able to slowly chip away at our waitlist of families in needs through kind donations like this. It has been an absolute miracle for many families. Their children are able to produce the same work as their peers, even if they can't afford internet packages. Research has shown us that our more vulnerable children are less likely to do well in school; they are more likely to not complete post-secondary programs when compared to their wealthier peers and, in fact, are less likely to go on to complete secondary school. This is a preventable crime! Having a computer at home is a wonderful first step. 

Thank you again for all you have done for our families. It seems like a basic necessity to some of us but it has been a dream for most of our families. We are so grateful to receive the laptops and we know our families are as well. Our children deserve the very best but they don't always get it so we are always thrilled when we can bring a little sparkle into their lives. Who knows what doors we are opening?! 

Very Sincerely,

Sandra Baker (Executive Director) and Katie Digby (Program Team Lead) 

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