News Archive: Supporting Schools at Home and Abroad

To celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary Year, CFCC refurbishes and donates 300 computers to schools in Canada, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

In June 2017, Siemens Canada donated 300 decommissioned laptops to CFCC to help students across the country and in developing nations gain greater access to technology, education and information. More than 60 volunteers at the weekend workshop refurbished the laptops.

To recognize Canada’s 150th Anniversary, CFCC donated 150 laptops preloaded with design software to five Canadian schools: Garth Webb Secondary School (ON), Mark R. Isfeld Secondary (BC), Queen Elizabeth Regional High School (NL), Leamington District Secondary School (ON) and Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre (MB).

The other 150 laptops were donated to the World Vision Canada, which will facilitate their distribution to the Central American nations of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Laptops will be used to support education programs such as computer labs, after school training programs and tutoring.  

Since 2010, CFCC refurbished 2,056 Siemens Canada’s decommissioned computers, which supported over 50 charitable organizations and schools, serving more than 28,000 people. More than 400 Siemens Canada employees have volunteered more than 3,000 hours participating in the CFCC’s workshops.

“Partnering with companies like Siemens has given new life to valuable hardware, and previously unimaginable opportunities to thousands of people in need. CFCC’s socially and environmentally responsible program promotes universal access to technology,” said CCFC’s President and CEO, Philip Schaus.