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Shree Cheskam - Nepal's first connected public school

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Refurbishing donated corporate computers for community distribution


CFCC is a registered charity dedicated to refurbishing 

decommissioned, donated, corporate computers at no cost to schools, charities and people in need. Started as a passion project in 2010, the organization has worked with corporations and charities to deliver over 4600 computers across Canada, and beyond. 


Selling computers at fair market value does nothing to help people who are struggling to house and feed their family, and it does nothing to close our world's digital divide. CFCC and its corporate partners give access to technology, protect the environment, and support education. 


Kintampo Information

Technology Centre

Salvation Army

London Centre of Hope

Honoring Indigenous People

Fredericton High School

United Way


Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. - Oliver Wendell Holmes 





I wanted to thank you for the 12 laptops. Please convey my appreciation to all the volunteers who worked on this project. 


When I phoned the people on my list at Kerr Street Mission, they were so excited. I gave them 2 choices for pick up times and every one of them came on the first day. They were so happy. Unfortunately, you don’t get to see the smiles, and you don’t get the hugs. 


These are all people who are trying to better themselves by going to college or university. It makes such a difference to their lives. I have asked some people in the past what they did before I gave them a laptop and they replied that they used the ones in the library. Many of our clients are adults who have families. This is such a hardship when they have to depend on the library instead of working at home after the kids have gone to bed. 

-Kerr Street Mission